mackerel 2

My mum used to make Mackerel Pate in the 70s – it took a bit of time because it was before hand blenders and food processors as we know them now and it had to be done in a rather unsuitably shaped Kenwood liquidizer. But she made a mean pate and in addition to the smoked mackerel she added  cream cheese, cream, lemon juice, paprika and fresh horseradish.

Now with blenders galore out there this is a one minute job and I have discovered that this low fat version is indeed better than any – it does not need lemon juice as the cottage cheese is tart, it does not need liquid to let it down as the cheese is wet and if you buy the peppered mackerel it really does not even need seasoning. This has become a favourite weekend breakfast, picnic dish and pre dinner dip.

so, simply…………………………

mackerel 1

Peel the skin off the underside of the mackerel fillets and pop them into a blender (or bowl if you are using a hand blender) with the cottage cheese

mackerel 3

Blend it as smooth or leave it as rough textured as you like – but that it is it!

Try adding a spoon of horseradish sauce, a little paprika or a little preserved lemon for a different flavour

This is sooooo good for you – all that Omega and low fat too

Store in the fridge for up to 1 week and serve it with toast, oatcakes or warm pitta bread

you will be hooked I guarantee!